Patronus Wellness provides custom services tailored to each client’s personal healthcare needs. Our evidence-based services and experienced physicians will provide you premier medical care – to ensure that you never miss a beat.

Multiple Modality Therapies

Our multiple modality therapies combine two or more of our services into unique packages, aiming to hone in on numerous areas at once to ensure simple, quick, optimal health. Our multiple modality therapies are customizable and can be altered to fit your needs.



“The day after my accident, I could not touch my chin with my right hand as my shoulder was so inflamed. A week after treatment (3 sessions) I could touch the top of my head and three weeks after treatment (the final 9th session) my range of motion was 85% back.

The combination treatment was simple and fast, I was in and out the door in under 25 minutes. The laser is quick and painless with treatments taking only 6 minutes.

One month after my accident, I am back to working out and only a few weeks away from resuming my regular workout programs. Thank you to Patronus for your support and help!”


“I had the extreme pleasure of being treated by the Patronus team for a shoulder injury. Dr. Andrew Desjardins, Nurse Jackie Young, and the nursing staff were able to give me effective treatment, advice, rehabilitation, and excellent support throughout the process.

highly recommend anyone who has sustained an injury – whether it be sporting or work-related – visit Patronus and experience the treatment and professionalism of the staff. A big thank you to the Patronus staff. Keep up the great work!”